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Steering Committee for Tenth Five Year Plan (2002-2007).

Environment, Forests and Wildlife

Dated 24 November 2000

It has been decided to set up a Steering Committee on Environment, Forests and Wildlife for the Tenth Five Year Plan.

The composition of the Steering Committee will be as under:

(1) Member (Env. and Forests), Planning Commission Chairman
(2) Principal Adviser( E and F), Planning Commission Member
(3) Secretary, Ministry of Env. and Forests Member
(4) Secretary, Deptt. of Ocean Development Member
(5) Secretary, Deptt. of Health and Family Welfare Member
(6) Secretary, ISM and H Member
(7) Secretary. Ministry of Rural Development Member
(8) Secretary, Ministry of Information 4 Broadcasting Member
(9) Secretary, Ministry of Urban Development Member
(10) Secretary, Ministry of Water Resources Member
(11) Secretary, Deptt.of Biotechnology Member
(12) Secretary, Ministry of Tribal Affairs Member
(13) Secretary. Deptt. of Industry and Policy Planning Member
(14) Special Secretary and I.G.F., MoEF Member
(15) Director General , ICFRE , Dehradun Member
(16) Director General, ICAR, New Delhi Member
(17) Chairman, CPCB Member
(16) Prof.Shekhar Singh, iiPA, New Delhi Member
(19) Shri Chandi Prasad Bhatt Member
(20) Shri M.S.Nair. former PCCF, Kerala State Member
(21) Dr.R.N. Singh, Director, NEERI, Nagpur Member
(22) Sh.KP.Nyati, Head, Environment, Cll, New Delhi Member
(23) Dr. Dibyajyoti Ghosh, Deptt. of Env. GOWB, Calcutta Member
(24) Sh. Kiran Kartik, M.D., Discovery Channel. New Delhi Member
(25) Dr. Ram Prasad, IIFM. Bhopal Member
(26) Dr.Ram Lakhan Singh,CWW, Lucknow Member
(27) Dr. Kavita Prasad Pathak, Madhav Market Colony Lanka. Varanasi Member
(28) Dr. Kausha! Kumar, Utthan, 18-A, Auckland Road, Allahabad Member
(29) Shri S.K. Awasthi, Oabalpur Member
(30) Dr A.P.Dixit, General Manager, AFC Mumbai Member
(31) Dr.V.N.Pandey, A-50 South Extn. Part II, New Delhi Member
(32) Dr. A.P. Mitra, former DG, NPL, New Delhi Member
(33) Dr Anil Aggarwal, Director, CSE, New Delhi Member
(34) Shri Rajiv Kher, Joint Secretary, MoEF. Member-Secretary

2. The terms of reference of the Steering Committee will be as under.

  1. To make recommendations for evolving an effective and efficient paradigm for environment and forestry sector for the tenth five year plan based on a review of the existing policy / approach and taking into account the weaknesses in institutional, legislative, regulatory and enforcement structure.
  2. To prepare an identified list of externally aided projects along with corresponding broad contours and relative priorities.
  3. To review the rehabilitation and resettlement framework of policies with a view to strengthening the structure and reconciling apparent confrontation between environment and development
  4. To go into trade and environment aspects with a view to protecting the vital national interest (including sustainable forest certification as well as fiscal levies on forest products).
  5. To suggest measures for effective implementation of the Supreme Court's directives from time to time.
  6. To recomend strategy for a proactive stance on the international environmental issues such as climate change, biodiversity and desertification.

Within the broader socio-economic objectives of the Tenth Five Year Plan and recognizing that the economic and social development and the protection of environment forests are inter-dependent and mutually reinforcing components of sustainable development, tree Committee may focus, inter alia, on the following items: -

A. Environmental Issues

  1. Strategies for sustainable development to achieve sustainability and alleviate poverty.
  2. Preparation of natural resources budget and state of environment report by the states and union territories
  3. Initiative for tackling the problem of air, water and noise pollution and safe disposal of hazardous waste, etc.
  4. People's participation based on a national campaign, environmental awareness, education and involvement of NGOs.
  5. Enhancing of effectiveness of State and Central Pollution Control Boards/Committees.
  6. Environment Impact Assessment, Environmental clearance and ensuring internalisation of environmental aspects in national accounting procedures.

B. Forest and Wild Life Issues

  1. Greening the country through joint forest management, agro-forestry, urban forestry and afforestation of wastelands.
  2. Capacity building for conservation and development of natural resources rooted in the principles of ecology, economics, social and gender equity, energy conservation, employment generation and social auditing.
  3. Increasing productivity, reducing demand and supply imbalances, increasing export and reducing import of timber and pulpwood and other forest produce.
  4. Recognising the symbiotic relationship between forest and forest dwellers, implementing poverty alleviation schemes, gainful employment and empowerment of tribals and women.
  5. Strengthening linkages between forestry and agriculture, pastures, watershed development and tribal development programmes.
  6. Development and sustainable use of medicinal plants, bamboo and canes and other Non-timber forest produce (NTFP).
  7. Conservation and development of wild life, protected areas, eco- development projects, zoos etc.
  8. Conservation of biodiversity and sustainable use.
  9. Low cost, less energy, less material intensive, clean technologies for processing of forest produce.
  10. A vigorous role for voluntary agencies and community centred forest care movement.
  11. Innovative ways for augmenting flow of resources into the sector.
  12. Forest clearance

The Steering Committee will consider the reports of specific working groups in the areas of environment, forestry, wild life and research and education with a view to suggest priorities and thrust areas. The Steering committee will suqgest a portfolio of schemes, corresponding physical targets. measurable objectives and financial requirements adopting the concept of zero-based budget. The committee may consider any other issue, which it considers relevant.

The Chairman may co-opt experts and constitute sub-groups for specific tasks. The Steering Committee would be serviced by the Planning Commission.

TA/ DA for nor-official members would be met as per Govt. Rules from the Budget of the Planning Commission at par with the Group 'A' official of the Govt. of India.

The Steering Committee will submit its report to the Planning Commission by the 31st December 2001.