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Working Group for the formulation of Tenth Five Year Plan (2002-2007).

Public Distribution System and Food Security

Dated 21st November 2000


  1. Pr. Adviser (DP), Chairman
  2. Secretary, Deptt. Of Food and PD
  3. Dr. Kirit Parik, Mumbai
  4. Dr. Ashok Gulati, IEG, Delhi
  5. Dr. Mahendra Dev, Director, CESS, Hyderabad
  6. Dr. Shikha Jha, IGIDR, Mumbai
  7. Dr. Anil Sharma, NCAER
  8. Shri M.V. Shastri, Convenor (CWS)
  9. Dr. Prabhakar Parakala
  10. ESA, Directorate of Economic and Statistics
  11. EA, Deptt. Of Economic Affairs
  12. Chairman, Food Corporation of India
  13. Managing Director, Central warehousing Corporation
  14. Secretary (Food), Govt. of West Bengal
  15. Secretary (Food), Govt. of Tamil Nadu
  16. Secretary (Food), Govt. of Rajasthan
  17. Secretary (Food), Govt. of Bihar
  18. Secretary (Food), Govt. of Andhra Pradesh
  19. Economic Adviser (DP), Member Secretary

Terms of reference :

  • To review the performance of various programmes under Public Distribution System.
  • Measures to improve targeting of the Public Distribution System
  • To review the implementation of TPDS.
  • To review the coverage of commodities supplied through PDS.
  • To examine the aspect of diversion of commodities from PDS.
  • To recommend measures regarding decentralization of operations.
  • To recommend measures to encourage private trade in foodgarins.
  • To examine the scope of Essential Commodities Act.
  • To review Policy and Procedure of Procurement of Food grains.
  • To examine the role of FCI in the new setting.
  • To examine the role of FCI in management of the buffer stock.
  • To examine the aspects of quality and quantity of foodgarins procurement.
  • Assessment of requirement of storage network and various nodal and retail outlets particularly in rural, remote and inaccessible areas and expenditure involved.
  • Assessment of transport requirements on the basis of anticipated movement of commodities from ports producing areas and consuming centers.
  • To recommend measures to reduce costs including transit and storage losses.
  • To review the ongoing Centrally Sponsored Central Sector Schemes for strengthening of Public Distribution System.
  • To review the measures being taken for protecting the interest of consumers in regard to matters such as quality, weight, price etc, and make suitable recommendations.
  • To examine the functioning of the fair price shops including cost of distribution to determine their viability so that the malpractices in their functioning are curbed.
  • To review the voluntary consumer movement and the people involvement in the Public Distribution System and to make recommendations to strengthen the consumer movement.
  • To consider any other matters relevant to effective functioning and management of the Public Distribution System as an integral part of the national economy and planning process.

Non-officials shall be entitled to TA/DA as per permissible to Grade I Officers of Government of India and the expenditure will be borne by the Planning Commission. The TA/DA of Government of Public Sector officials will be borne by their respective organizations.