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Working Group for the formulation of Tenth Five Year Plan (2002-2007).

Research and Education for the Environment and Forests Sector

Dated 24th November 2000


(1) Secretary, MoEF Chairman
(2) Secretary, Deptt. of Science and Technology Member
(3) Secretary, Denttof Biotechnology Member
(4) Principal Adviser(E and F) .Planning Commission Member
(5) Special Secretary, MoEF Member
(6) Director-General, CFRE, Dehradun Member
(7) Director-General, ICAR Member
(8) Director-General, CSlR, New Delhi Member
(9) Chairman, UGC, New Delhi Member
(10) Vice-Chancellor, YS Parmar University, Solan (HP) Member
(11) Director, FSI, Dehradun Member
(12) Director, National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources Member
(13) Director, NRSA, Hyderabad Member
(14) Dr.C.R. Babu, Pro-Vtce-Chanoallor, Delhi Uni. Member
(15) Shri Kiran Kartik, M.D., Discovery Channel, New Delhi Member
(16) Shri Kartik Sarabhai, Director, CSE Ahmedabad Member
(17) Representative of Lintas or any other advertising agency Member
(18) Dr.S.R. Arya, DOG (Research), ICFRE, Dehradun Member
(19) Dr. B.N. Gupta, former DG, ICFRE, Lucknow Member
(20) Dr.P.S. Patakh, Director, Fodder Research Inst. Jhansi Member
(21) Dr.R.N. Singh, Director, NEER1, Nagpur Member
(22) Director, ITRC, Lucknow Member
(23) Dr. S. Subramaniar former Director, DOLR Member
(24) Representative of Deen Dayal Upadhyay Research Institute, Chittrakoot Member
(25) Director, IPRITI, Bangalore Member
(26) Director, IWST, Bangalore Member
(27) Representative of Indian Saw Mills Assoc. Member
(28) Representative of Paper and Pulp Manufacture Assoc. Member
(29) Representative of Plywood Assoc. Member
(30) Joint Adviser(E and F) Planning Commission Member
(31) Deputy Adviser(E and F). Planning Commission Member

Recognising that economic development, social development and protection of environment/forests are inter-dependent and mutually reinforcing components of sustainable development.

Terms of reference :

  1. To make a critical review of the achievements in the field of environmental and forestry related research and education during the Ninth Five Year Plan.
  2. To recommend a focused programme for research and education for the forestry sector.
  3. To recommend strategy and approach on research, education and training with reference to target groups, specific areas and infrastructural development. This may also take care of the problems of hill areas, tribal areas, north-eastern areas and other problem areas.
  4. To critically examine the role of research institutes in the environment and forestry sector with a view to improving their efficacy and making them more focused and target-oriented.
  5. To suggest measures for ensuring effective coordination in the field of forestry research in the State Sector with ICAR/1CFRE system.
  6. To examine scope of linkages between research activities and conservation and environmental protection.
  7. To suggest measures for effective coordination between the scientific Ministries/Departments of the Govt. of India who are also dealing with environmental and forestry related activities.

In specific, the following issues would be addressed by the Working Group.

  • The role of forests in carbon sequestration including the contribution of different forest species. Forest based Industries including the entire processing cycle of timber (towing, seasoning, fumigation etc).
  • Development and promotion of bio-diesel plantations.
  • Development of Bamboo and rattan
  • Identify and document broad contours of sound technologies, techniques and practices with demonstrable potential applicability in environment, forestry and wildlife sub-sectors
  • Methodology and algorithms for preparing National Resource Accounts. Green GDP/Budget
  • Promotion of Research in environment - public health interface, including epidemiological research
  • A national campaign for generating targeted environmental awareness in an integrated manner, based on effective use of audio-visual media. information technology and telecommunications. This may include spreading awareness of consumer protection and public liability laws on rights and responsibilities.
  • Inter-disciplinary research for integrating in JFM, concerns with respect to poverty alleviation, tribal welfare and women's empowerment.
  • Research on links between forestry, pastures and wasteland development
  • Research in social implications of technology
  • Environment and trade (including forest-based products)

The Chairman may co-opt experts and constitute sub-groups for specific tasks. The Steering Committee would be serviced by the Planning Commission.

TA/DA for non-official members would be met as per Govt. rules from the Budget of the Planning Commission at par with the Group 'A' officials of the Govt. of India.

The Steering Committee will submit its report to the Planning Commission by the 30th September 2001.