Steering Committee for the Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007-2012)


Dated 20 March, 2006

In the context of the Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007-2012) for Tourism, it has been decided to constitute a Steering Committee on Tourism. The composition and terms of reference of the Steering Committee would be as follows:

1. Composition

1. Shri Anwarul Hoda, Member, Planning Commission Chairman
2 Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, New Delhi Member
3 Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation, New Delhi Member
4 Secretary, Ministry of Culture, New Delhi Member
5 Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forests, New Delhi Member
6 Secretary, Department of Road Transport and Highways, New Delhi Member
7 Secretary, Department of Revenue, New Delhi Member
8 Secretary, Department of Youth Affairs and Sports, New Delhi Member
9 Secretary, Ministry of Health, New Delhi Member
10 Member, Railway Board, New Delhi Member
11 Additional Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi Member
12 Joint Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, New Delhi Member
13. Adviser (Transport), Planning Commission, New Delhi Member
14. Managing Director, Air India, Mumbai Member
15. Managing Director, Indian Airlines, New Delhi Member
16. Representative of FICCI, New Delhi Member
17. Representative of CII, New Delhi Member
18 Shri M.P. Bezbaruah, Permanent Representative, WTO, New Delhi Member
19. Representative of Hotel Association of India (HAI), New Delhi Member
20. Representative of   Indian Association of Tour Operators ( IATO), New Delhi Member
21. Representative of Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Asso. of India, New Delhi Member
22. Representative of Adventure Tour Operators’ Association, New Delhi Member
23. Representative of Tourist Transport Operators’ Association, New Delhi Member
24. Representative of Travel Agents’ Association, New Delhi Member
25.     Shri Ashwini Kakkar, Chairman, WTTC, Indian Initiative. D. Member
26. Shri Cyrus Guzder, Chairman and MD, AFL, Pvt., Ltd., Mumbai Member
27 Shri Jose Dominic, Director, Casino Hotel, Cochin Member
28 Shri Raymond Bickson, MD, Taj Group of Hotels, Mumbai Member
29 Shri Bittu Sehgal, Environmentalist, New Delhi Member
30 Shri Ranjit Barthakur, Eco-tourism, Kaziranga, Assam Member
31. Adviser (Tourism) Planning Commission, New Delhi Member Secretary

2. Terms of reference

  1. (i) To review tourism development activities in the Tenth Plan and suggest measures to speed up the process of development in Eleventh Plan.
  2. (ii)  To formulate an integrated strategy/approach to tourism development in collaboration with Ministries/Departments/Agencies, whose activities impinge on tourism development, such as :
    1. The Ministry of Civil Aviation for further augmenting air seat capacity on major international sectors connecting India  and for up gradation of major airports  to facilitate the flow of tourists.
    2. The Ministry of Home Affairs for improving facilitation services, liberalizing the system for issue of visa/permit, streamlining the process of migration clearance, customs clearance and prevention of touting and misguiding of tourists.
    3. The Ministry of Finance for rationalizing tourism related taxes to make the end-product competitive.
    4. The Ministry of Environment and Forests for developing eco-tourism.
    5. The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports for Adventure Tourism.
    6. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways for improved connectivity to heritage sites and other tourist destinations.
    7. The Ministry of Culture for maintenance of monuments with active private participation and entry charges.
    8. Ministry of Health for Health tourism
  3. To examine the need  to continue Government of India Overseas Tourist Offices in the context of effective overseas publicity being possible through internet and the electronic media.
  4. To review the incentives and other concessions given to the tourism industry (hotel, travel agents and tourist transport operators etc.) and to suggest modifications therein.
  5. To identify measures to encourage domestic tourism in the light of high volume of outbound tourism.

3. The Chairman of the Steering Committee may co-opt officials or non-officials as members, if considered necessary.

4. Official members of the  Steering Committee will be paid TA/DA by their respective Departments as per the rules of entitlement applicable to them.  The non-official members will be paid TA/DA by the Planning Commission as per SR 190 (a) for attending meeting of the Steering Committee.

5. The Steering Committee will submit its report by 31.8.2006.

6. Shri R.P. Chandran, Director (Tourism), Room No.314-A, Yoajana Bhavan, New Delhi (Telephone No. 23096714), will be the Nodal Officer for this Steering Committee for all further communications.

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