Working Groups for Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007-2012)

Information and Broadcasting

Dated 24th April 2006

In the context of preparation of Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007-2012) it has been decided to constitute a Working Group on Information and Broadcasting Sector to make recommendations on the various policy matters relevant to the formulation of the Eleventh Five Year Plan for Communication and Information Sector.

I. The Composition of the proposed Working Group will be as follows:-

1 Shri S.K Arora, Secretary, Ministry of  Information and Broadcasting Chairman
2 Additional Secretary and Financial Adviser, Ministry of  Information  and Broadcasting Member
3 Additional Secretary, Ministry of  Information and Broadcasting Member
4 Joint Secretary (Policy), Ministry of  Information and Broadcasting Member
5   Joint Secretary (Films), Ministry of  Information and   Broadcasting Member
6 Joint Secretary (Broadcasting), Ministry of  Information and Broadcasting   Member
7 Chief Executive Officer, Prasar Bharati Member
8   Director General, All India Radio        Member
9   Director General, Doordarshan          


10 Representative, Ministry of Finance    


11   Adviser (C and I), Planning Commission 


12 Director, FTII, Pune


13 Director, RR and TD, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting


Non Official Members

14 Shri Deepak S. Raja, Secretary General, Indian Newspaper Society


15 President, Indian Broadcasting Federation


16 Shri Kunal Dasgupta, Co-Chairman, FICCI Entertainment Committee


17 Shri Bobby Bedi, Chairman, CII Entertainment Committee and Managing Director, Kaleidoscope Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.


18 Shri Amit Khanna,  Chairman Film and Television Producers Guild of India Ltd. Member
19 Shri A. P. Pargi, Managing Director, ENIL Member

II. The terms of reference to the Working Groups are as follows:

  1. To evolve an approach for formulation of plans and programmes for the Information and Broadcasting sector during the 11th Plan period, keeping in view the emerging trends in radio, television, non-electronic media and IT enabled media applications.
  2. To review existing schemes  in this sector and suggest the type of schemes those need to be retained/included for the Eleventh Plan period.
  3. To recommend measures for optimum expansion of the transmission network so as to extend the reach of radio and television to uncovered areas.
  4. To assess the total investments required in media infrastructure, including hardware and software, and to suggest measures to stimulate greater private investment in this sector.
  5. To put in place the basic policy framework, fiscal incentives and workout a mission mode project for moving from Analogue Transmission to Digital Transmission before 2015.
  6. To develop a mission mode project for implementing mobile media solutions by establishing requisite infrastructure for transmission in say, the 700 MHz band in association with mobile service providers and technology partners.
  7. Identify excess spectrum and bandwidth arising through migration to Digital Terrestrial Transmission (DTT) and workout strategies for its redeployment /farming. 
  8. To suggest policy measures to encourage production and exhibition of documentary and feature films that are socially relevant and aesthetically appealing.
  9. To consider the priorities and requirements of Government publicity, including sectoral publicity programmes, and to review institutional arrangements for bringing out Government publications, advertisements and media products.
  10. To recommend the pattern and quantum of funding to Autonomous Bodies including Loan/Grant-in-aid components.
  11. Any other item concerning this sector that the Working Group deems necessary for inclusion in its report.

IV. The Working Group may set up Sub Groups to go into specific issues/areas in the sector and or for detailed information gathering and analysis.  The Chairman of the Working Group may co-opt any person whose knowledge or expertise is considered to be useful to the Working Group or the Sub Groups and may invite any such person to specific meeting.

V. The non-official members of the Group will be paid TA/DA by Planning Commission as per SR 190 (a) for attending meetings of the Committee.

VI. The Group will be serviced by Ministry of I and B and Director; RR and TD would be the coordinating Officer for the work relating to the Working Group and may be contacted at

Director, RR and TD
Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
Shastri Bhavan, New Delhi - 110001
Tel: 011-23383566

VII. The Working Group shall submit its report by 31st July, 2006.