Working Groups for the Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007-2012)

Agricultural Extension

Dated 6th June, 2006

In pursuance of PC Division's UO No. 11016/4/2005-PC dated 24.1.06 in the context of formulation of Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007-2012), it has been decided to constitute a Working Group on Agricultural Extension with the following composition and Terms of Reference:

I. Composition:


Shri J.N.L. Srivastava, Former Secretary to GOI and Chairman, IFFCO Foundation, New Delhi



Chairman, NABARD, Mumbai



Dr. P. Das, DDG, Extension, ICAR



Dr. R.B. Singh, Member, NCF, NASC Complex, PUSA, opposite Todapur Village, New Delhi-110012



Shri A.K. Agarwal, Joint Secretary (Extension), DAC



Dr. M.L. Choudhary, Horticulture Commissioner, DAC, Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi-110001



Dr. S.K. Bandopadhyay, Animal Husbandry Commissioner, DAHDF



Agricultural Production Commissioner, Bihar, Patna



Dr.S.K.Goel , Divisional Commissioner, Amrawati , Maharashtra



Secretary (Agriculture), Uttaranchal , Dehradun



Commissioner (Agriculture), Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad



Dr. S.S. Baghel, Vice-Chancellor, Assam Agricultural University



Dr. S.L. Mehta, Vice Chancellor, Agricultural University Udaipur, Rajasthan



Dr. K.S. Aulakh, Vice Chancellor, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana



Dr. K.D. Kokate, Director Extension, Agricultural University, Rahuri



Shri D. Tikku, M.D. , NDDB, Anand, Gujarat



Sh . S. Sivakumar, Chief (Agri-businesses),  ITC, S.D. Road Secunderabad-500003



Shri Abhiram Seth, ED, Pepsi Export, Qutub Enclave-Ill, Gurgaon Haryana



Shri Jaideep Singh,G.M ,  Chambal Fertilisers,Nehru Place, New Delhi



Shri A.K. Krishan Kumar, Senior Vice President, Cluster Development Initiative (ILFS) India Habitat Centre, New Delhi-110003



Chairman, Agriculture Committee, Cll , New Delhi


(xxii) Shri Rudra Pratap Singh, MD, Fresh-O- Veg, Farmer Cooperative, 11, Rasvi Nagar, lndore-452018       Tel: 0713-4006060 Member
(xxiii) Dr. A.W. Ambekar, Former Director (Agriculture), UP Member
(xxiv) P.N. Mathur, Former DDG (Extension),!CAR Member
(xxv) Shri Veerbhadraiah, Former Director Extension and Emeritus Scientist, Krishi Nagar, Bangalore-560065 Member
(xxvi) Dr. Nagendra P. Singh, Chairman, Asian Society for Entrepreneurship Education and Development (ASEED),   C-8/8007, Vasant Kunj, New DelhM 10070 Tel: 26130635 FAX: 26130242  
(xxvii) Swami Shashankananda, Head, Rama Krishna Mission, KVK Ranchi, Jharkhand Member
(xxviii) Mr.     Verghese, Executive Director, CARITAS, NGO, Ashoka Place, New Delhi Member
(xxix) Shri N. Baijendra Kumar, Joint Secretary ( l and B), Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Shastri Bhavan, New Delhi Member
(xxx) Dr. B..S. Hansra, Director, School of Agricultural Sciences, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), Maidan Ghari, Delhi Member
(xxxi) Shri Satyan Mishra, CEO Drishtee.Com, A-11, Sector-2, Noida-201301. (Uttar Pradesh) Member
(xxxii) Shri P. Chengal Reddy, Secretary, Confederation of Indian Farmers' Associations, Vijaya Town, Shanti Nagar, Hyderabad-500 028 Member
(xxxiii) Shri Krishan Murari Singh ' Kisan', Village Barma, Post Office: Kaithama, Via Sirari, District Shekhpura Pin-811107 Tel: 06341-255400 Member
(xxxiv) Dr. V. Venkatasubramanian, Zonal Coordinator Unit, TOT, Umroi Road Barapani-793103 ( Meghalaya) Member
(xxxv) Dr. R.K. Tripathi, General Manager (Marketing), National Seeds Corporation, Pusa, New Delhi-110012 Member
(xxxvi) Dr. R.K. Samanta, Joint Director, National Academy of Agricultural Research Management, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad-500030 Member
(xxxvii) Shri S.P. Singh, Nodal Officer, Agri-Clinic Training Centre, Vaanasi, Uttar Pradesh Member
(xxxviii) Dr. P. Geetha Kutty, Director, Centre for Gender Concern in Agriculture, Kerala Agricultural University  
(xxxix) Ms. Rugmini Parmar, Director (Plan Finance), Department Of Expenditure, North Block, New Delhi-110001 Member
(xl) Dr. V.V. Sadamate, Adviser (Agriculture), Yojana Bhavan New Delhi Member
(xli) Shri K.V. Satyanarayana, DG, MANAGE, Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad-500030 Member

II. Terms of Reference ( TORs):

  1. To undertake a critical review of the existing approaches, strategies, priorities, institutional arrangements, on-going policies and performance of programmes relating to agricultural extension at the Central and State levels and to suggest continuation/ discontinuance/ rationalization/ improvement in design of the on­going programmes or new initiatives and an effective mechanism for inter- sectoral convergence with a view to meet extension needs during the XI Plan.
  2. To suggest ways and means of up-scaling extension support services and making them demand driven.
  3. To assess gap between agriculture research and extension systems at
    national, state and district levels and recommend ways and means for filling this gap.
  4. To suggest modalities for fully integrating extension system with ICAR system, inclusive of SAUs and KVKs, at national, state, district and below district level.
  5. To review and assess involvement of Panchayati Raj Institutions/ Local Self Government Bodies in the implementation of programmes for revitalization of the extension system and to suggest measures for their effective involvement in the planning process.
  6. To review and assess the involvement of farmers' organizations, agri-entrepreneurs, input dealers, NGOs and private sector and to suggest measures for their effective involvement in the revitalization of extension system.
  7. To suggest modalities for organizing farmers/ farm women in commodity groups and federating such groups at block and district levels and enlist roles and responsibilities of such federations.
  8. To review and assess fiscal incentives required for increasing private sector investments in agricultural extension, especially for setting-up of multi-purpose common service centres in rural areas.
  9. To assess training needs at district and below district levels and recommend measures to address those needs, inclusive of staff and infrastructural requirements and to recommend measures for adequate capacity building of extension functionaries of both governmental and non-governmental systems and paraprofessional by involving SAUs, EEls, KVKs and other leading institutions.
  10. To suggest measures to strengthen linkages between HRD institutions at block, district, state, national and international levels for effective back stopping, experience sharing and achieving excellence in capacity building.
  11. To recommend methodologies to promote action research in crucial areas affecting technology dissemination and providing necessary funding support for undertaking the action research and examine the possibilities of establishing a "Competitive Extension Grant Fund" to address such initiatives.
  12. To suggest strategies for a system of market led extension in the country, promoting business models of agricultural extension.
  13. To suggest gender specific interventions for addressal of farm women needs pertaining to crops, extension and other sectors.
  14. To review the progress of use of Mass Media and ICT in revitalizing extension system and suggest necessary measures to improve its effectiveness. In particularly, to deliberate on possibilities of having dedicated TV Channel on agriculture and radio broadcast through Community Radio Stations operated by local institutions, such as KVKs and make recommendations in this regard.
  15. To assess emerging technology dissemination trends globally, suggest collaboration with lead centers/ institutions to capture the best practices/ models and suggest strategies for wider application with local modifications.
  16. To review the phsical and financial achievements in relation to the targets fixed under various programmes on extension during the X Plan.
  17. To assess programme-wise requirements, both physical and financial, for revitalizing extension services during the XIth Five Year Plan.

3.  The Working Group may co-opt any other official/non-official expert/representative of any organization as member (s), if required.

4. The Working Group may also examine and address any other issues which are considered important but are not specifically spelt out in the ToRs , The Working Group may devise its own procedures for conducting its business/ meetings.

5. The expenditure of the official members on TA/DA in connection with the meetings of the Working Group will be borne by their respective Ministry/Department as per the rules of entitlement applicable to them. In case of non-officials, the TA/DA will be borne by the Planning Commission as admissible under SR 190(a).

6. The Working Group will be serviced by the MANAGE/ Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture.

7.  The Working Group will submit its Interim Report by the end of July, 2006 and Final Report by the end of September, 2006 to the Planning Commission.

8. Dr. (Mrs.) Vandana Dwivedi, Joint Adviser(Agriculture) Planning Commission, Room No. 230, Yojana Bhavan, New Delhi-110001, Tel No. 011-23096730 and FAX No. 011-23327703 will be the nodal officer of this Working Group and any further query/correspondence in this regard may be made with her.