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  1. Task Force to Review Guidelines on Scheduled Castes Sub-Plan and Tribal Sub-Plan Recommendations to Revise Guidelines for Implementation of Scheduled Castes Sub-Plan and Tribal Sub-Plan by Central Ministries/Departments: PDF File
  2. Report of the Taskforce "To look into the Problems of Hills States and Hill Areas and to suggest ways to ensure that these states and areas do not suffer in any way because of their peculiarities" : PDF File
  3. Task forces on HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT, Planning Commission
  4. Special Task Force on Bihar
    • Bihar's Exposure To Innovative Governance Practices [ PDF ]
    • Road Map For Development of Power Sector in Bihar [ PDF ]
    • Road Map For Development of Health Sector in Bihar [ PDF ]
    • Road Map For Rural Industrialisation in Bihar[ PDF ]
    • Bihar's Exposure Towards the Banking Sector [ PDF ]
    • Bihar Road Sector Development - New Dimensions [ PDF ]
    • Bihar's Agriculture Development - Opportunities and Challaeges [ PDF ]
    • Information Technology Led Growth In Bihar - A Road Map [ PDF ]
  5. Task Force on Skill Development [ PDF [4.00MB] || ZIP(MS Word) ]
  6. Task Group on Problems of Hilly Habitations in Areas Covered by the Hill Areas Development Programme (HADP)/Western Ghats Development Programme (WGDP) - Constitution || Report
  7. Task Group on Revamping and Refocusing of National Agricultural Research [ PDF [1.9MB] || ZIP(MS Word) ]
  8. Task Force on Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) [ PDF || ZIP ]
  9. Task Force on Integrated Transport Policy [ PDF || ZIP ]
  10. Task Force on Greening India for Livelihood Security and Sustainable Development [ PDF Format ]
  11. Task Force on India as Knowledge Superpower [ PDF Format ]
  12. Task force on Employment Opportunities
  13. Report of the Task Force on conservation & sustainable use of Medicinal Plants
  14. Task Force on Sugar Industry
  15. Inter-Ministry Taskgroup Reports
  16. Report of the Task Force on Eco-Devlopment Plan for Goa, March 1982 - [ PDF ]