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1. Macroeconomic Framework


The overall objective of the government is to improve the standard of living of the people. For that the twelfth plan aspires for ‘Faster, sustainable and More Inclusive Growth’.

GDP growth in itself is essential for a broad based improvement in the socio-economic conditions of our people. GDP growth produces a larger expansion in total income and production which, if the growth process is sufficiently inclusive, will directly raise living standards of a large section of our people by providing them with employment and other income enhancing activities.

For example, rapid growth which involves faster growth in agriculture, and especially in rain-fed areas where most of the poor live, will be much more inclusive than a GDP growth that is driven entirely by mining or extraction of minerals for exports. Higher revenues also help to finance critical programs of inclusiveness like MGNREGA, SSA, NRHM etc.

Within the objective of achieving higher growth target it is important to achieve the targets for the agriculture and manufacturing sector especially for the objective of inclusiveness. Inclusiveness encompasses a wide gamut of areas:

  1. Inclusiveness as Poverty Reduction
  2. Inclusiveness as group equality
  3. Inclusiveness as Regional Balance
  4. Inclusiveness as Empowerment
  5. Inclusiveness through employment programs

While focusing on the twin objectives of faster and inclusive growth, the twelfth plan must also pay attention to the objective of sustainability. The development process cannot afford to neglect the environmental consequences of economic activity, or allow unsustainable depletion and deterioration of natural resources. A National Action Plan for climate change has been evolved with eight component Missions. Implementation of these missions must be an integral part of the Twelfth Plan.

Overview of the sector from the 12th Plan

Sector Chapter from the Plan

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