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Summary of Evaluation Studies Conducted By Programme Evaluation Organisation
Labour and Employment

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  1. Evaluation Study on Employment Assurance Scheme (EAS), 2000
  2. Employment Guarantee Scheme in Maharashtra - A Preliminary Observation ( 1993-94), 1993
  3. Jawahar Rozgar Yojana (1991-92) - A Quick Study, 1992
  4. Evaluation Report on National Rural Employment Programme (NREP), 1987
  5. Evaluation of Food for Work Programme - Final Report, 1980
  6. Joint Evaluation Report on Employment Guarantee  Scheme of Maharashtra, 1980
  7. A Quick Evaluation Study of the Food for Work Programme  - An Interim Report, 1979
  8. Study of Special Employment Programme for Educated  Unemployed, 1979
  9. Study of Crash Scheme for Rural Employment, 1979
  10. Joint Evaluation of Employment Guarantee Scheme of Maharashtra - Talku Level Notes, 1977
  11. Joint Evaluation of Employment Guarantee Scheme of Maharashtra, 1977
  12. Evaluation of PL-480 Wheat Assisted Rural Manpower Programme in selected Districts of U.P. and West Bengal, 1968
  13. Report of Evaluation of Rural Manpower Projects, 1967