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Charts and Tables/Planning Commission

Annual Report on the Working of
State Electricity Boards and Electricity Department, April 1999
Power and Energy Division, Planning Commission


This report, brought out every year by Power and Energy Division of the Planning Commission, is the Eleventh in the series that updates and analyses the data on the working of the State Electricity Boards in the country. Most of the data contained in this document has been obtained from the State Electricity Boards (SEBs) and Electricity Departments (Eds) of the States/Uts. in connection with the discussions held to estimate the financial resources for the Annual Plan 1998-99. A brief analysis covers the performance of the power utilities during the 8th Plan period and thereafter. Information for the earlier years is also provided in respect of some important parameters. Information pertaining to the Central sector and private sector power utilities has been collected from the Ministry of Power, Central Electricity Authority and published reports/documents etc.

Chapter 1 of the report presents an Overview of the Indian electricity sector indicating the major issues concerning power sector for the country as a whole. Chapter 2 focuses on the plan outlays and expenditure on power sector by the States/Uts. It also briefly gives the power balance from 1980-81 to 1995-96 and the relationship between electricity and GDP through elasticity. In chapter 3, physical performance of the SEBs and Eds is reviewed. It covers details regarding installed capacity and its mix, generation, capacity utilisation, viz. Plant load factor, forced outages, auxiliary consumption and other indicators like power purchased from other agencies, T and D losses, sales to consumers etc. Chapter 4 gives an account of financial parameters such as cost of supply and its components, average tariff realised, average and consumer category-wise tariff relised and other indicators such as commercial profits and losses, rate of return on capital employed, subsidies and cross-subsidisaton, net internal resources, arrears, outstanding dues etc. for the SEBs and Eds. Relevant annexures have been given at the end of each chapter.

It may be noted that the information provided in the report is not always based on audited reports of the SEBs as the accounts of many SEBs are audited with a considerable time lag. In view of this, the information based on the unaudited accounts for certain years may undergo some modifications as and when the financial statements of the SEBs are audited and updated.

It has been the continuous endeavour of the Power and Energy Division to make this report more useful as a source of reference. Any suggestions for improvement in the contents and presentation of this report are therefore welcome.

The report has been revised and updated by officers of this Division under the guidance of Shri P.R.Nair, Director (Energy Economics) and Shri L.P. Sonkar, Joint Adviser (Power). While S/Shri Surender Singh, Amar Singh and B.S. Rathor updated most of the statistical tables, Shri I.A.Khan helped in updating the analytical write-up. Shri R.K.Kaul and Shri B. Srinivasan also provided valuable assistance. I am thankful to all of them. I would like to acknowledge the help and support provided by Central Electricity Authority, National Thermal Power Corporation and State Power Utilities and thank them for their help and cooperaton.

(M.L. Majumdar)
Adviser (Energy)
Planning Commission, New Delhi
26, April, 1999